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High performance analytics and planning in the cloud

The cloud plays an increasingly important role in our personal lives, as our digital histories are stored from apps and our smart devices. In business, over 65% of companies have at least one cloud application. 88% of these intend to further invest in cloud solutions this year. Gartner forecasts the cloud computing market to exceed 250 billion USD by 2017.

Cloud-computing is enabling new business possibilities and disrupting industries as new players can appear rapidly and scale globally without the traditional barriers to entry and upfront capital costs. With the powerful economic and business benefits of migrating data and business processes to the cloud, it is unsurprising that Business Intelligence (BI) is now available in the cloud. Cloud BI unifies two key competitive factors: cloud computing as a cost-saving, fast and agile platform, and BI that provides insight on your data and improves the accuracy and speed of business decisions.

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Table of Contents:

  • Cloud Computing

  • Business Intelligence in the Cloud

  • The shifting relationship between IT and the business

  • Jedox cloud redefines self-service

  • Infrastructure that grows as you need

  • Securing confidential corporate data

  • Highlights Jedox Cloud

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