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How to connect Jedox with Salesforce

Webinar: How to connect Jedox with Salesforce

Work seamlessly – Connect your systems with Jedox

Business users expect maximum comfort and efficiency from their BI and CPM tools. This includes instant access to company data at any time – both in the cloud and on premises. Jedox offers new capabilities to connect and combine heterogeneous data sources into a common view within Jedox Suite. Discover boundless BI & CPM with Jedox and enjoy 360-degree data views in the cloud!

Attend our free webinar to discover the Salesforce Connector for Jedox. You can directly link the world’s #1 cloud CRM tool to the Jedox BI and CPM platform. You’ll access the powerful reporting, analysis and planning functionality of Jedox directly from the Salesforce interface. Jedox enables you to manage sales performance, and deliver accurate sales forecasts. Create a 360° customer view by easily combining metrics from your CRM. Create reports, striking interactive dashboards and instantly share with your mobile sales force. Salesforce users can now use these informative reports and customer analyses to boost their marketing and sales performance even higher.

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