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Gruner Group

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The Perfect Combination: Jedox Planning and Qlik Reporting – Efficient project budget planning for the Gruner Group

Renowned construction engineering and planning group Gruner has enhanced the possibilities of its Qlik reporting with a planning solution based on Jedox. The seamless connection between Jedox and Qlik offers Gruner the ideal solution for a consistent reporting infrastructure, complete with self-service reporting, instant analysis, data visualization, and agile, de-centralized planning processes. Planning with Jedox is so fast, efficient, and reliable that the company has switched from quarterly to monthly planning.

“The integration of Jedox and Qlik allowed us to implement our ideal reporting environment for self-service data visualization, analysis, reporting, and planning – and this solution is flexible enough to accommodate change and growth in requirements.” Michael Städtler, Business Intelligence Manager, Gruner AG

At a glance: 

  • Industry: Construction engineering
  • Department: Finance, project leadership, management
  • Solution: Project planning, results reporting
  • System environment: BI solution Qlik, ERP solution ABACUS
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