Customer Success Story:


Fira is Achieving Growth Through Digital Financial Controlling and Services

Fira is an innovative operator in the construction business with fast-growing turnover that has reached ca. 200 million Euros. The company develops services that promote a change in the whole field of construction, for example, efficient building pipe renovations which are now completed in a matter of weeks instead of months. Fira efficiently runs construction projects via their project model, using the services of over 2.000 different subcontractors.

Together with Jedox partner Intito, Fira has built a digital financial controlling system based on Jedox technology. Fira can now efficiently budget and forecast fixed cost and other P&L entries, plan financials of the project development and building phases, plan investments and calculate asset depreciation, and cover even further financial controlling solutions on one unified Jedox platform.

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“With the new solution, the construction site managers can manage projects and follow additions and changes more efficiently. They can drill down to single  invoices, and better estimate the progress of the project.”

Kimmo Kärkkäinen, CFO, Fira