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Financial Controlling in the Cloud

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Improving financial agility for mid-sized enterprises

Financial Controlling is standard in global enterprises, but is still a difficult topic for many mid-sized businesses. The gains are obvious, including higher financial transparency, more accountability, and better decision making. Yet many medium-sized firms struggle to achieve effective Financial Controlling.

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Table of contents

  • What is the purpose of a financial controlling solution?

  • What makes a financial controlling solution effective?

  • What conditions are faced by medium-sized businesses?

  • When does Excel reach its limits?

  • Are there options other than Excel?

  • The best of both worlds: Excel plus BI

  • Evaluation framework

This whitepaper explores the goals of good Financial Controlling and effective ways to achieve those goals. We review the biggest challenges facing SMEs today, and tools to help overcome these challenges. We finish by exploring core considerations when selecting the right tool for Financial Controlling.