Customer Success Story:

Spital Thurgau

Efficient Earnings Planning with Jedox at Spital Thurgau

Spital Thurgau is a large healthcare organization providing a full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient hospital care in the Swiss canton of Thurgau and neighboring regions. Their two hospitals Frauenfeld and Münsterlingen, Psychiatric Services Thurgau, and the St. Katharinental Rehabilitation Clinic employ more than 3,300 staff and 400 trainees.

Spital Thurgau has complemented its reporting in QlikView with an efficient planning environment from Jedox. Budgeting is now based on a central database in a uniform reporting environment instead of numerous Excel fi les. The budgeting process has been standardized and automated, and the actual and plan data are available in the integrated solution at any time.

“With Jedox, we eliminated our document jungle, and have a structured and clear budgeting process.”

Daniel Hausammann and Michael Stäheli, Financial Controllers, Spital Thurgau AG