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CRM Integration Best Practices

Almost every company has adopted the use of an automated CRM integration solution. The majority of CRM users continue to rely on Excel for forecasting, pipeline, opportunity, sales and sales performance analysis. The manual reconciliation, assembly and distribution of this data is error prone and cumbersome.

With Jedox, you achieve a complete view of your sales process and how it affects your business. Jedox customers analyze and control business processes by product, sales person, region, business unit and more.

Jedox facilitates a sales culture that thrives on timeliness, accuracy and analysis by using reports that will:

– Provide business analytics along with sophisticated planning functionality
– Directly connect and integrate to your CRM, ERP, Financial Planning Systems, External Data, etc
– Provide powerful ‘what-if’ and scenario planning
– Analyze opportunities, leads, campaigns and more
– Create accountability to drive the effectiveness of the sales organization

Join Jedox and Northwest EIS OLAP to learn more about how our embedded integration with Salesforce will leverage your CRM to be as effective as possible.

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