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Driver-based cost planning with Jedox

C&A is one of Europe’s leading fashion manufacturers and retailers. Starting as a single warehouse in the Dutch countryside in 1841, the European giant now has more than 1,500 stores in 19 countries, through which around 2 million people flow every day.

When a company offers around 10,000 different products in almost 200 goods groups, from 900 suppliers in 40 different countries, you can imagine that planning can be difficult. Add to this the some 35,000 staff around the continent, plus 450 buyers, designers, trend scouts and stylists in the head offices alone, and you have potentially hazardous levels of planning complexity on your hands. C&A ran with Jedox for a driver-based planning solution, and are now empowered to plan years in advance in unprecedented detail.

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“Jedox’s Excel-based solution really suits our needs. It makes life easy for us in Controlling, and our next step is to build an improved forecasting solution with Jedox.”

Gerald Zemann, Controller, C&A