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Augmented Finance

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Accelerating the Digital Enterprise

Digital Transformation presents CFOs with new challenges and is having a huge impact on the Finance function, putting the Office of the CFO at a crossroads. The digital business model requires new skills and processes. The classic finance model has to change quickly, expanding beyond traditional functions such as accounting, controlling and reporting to a more strategic role where the Office of the CFO provides insight and future direction for decision-support to the entire business.

In this ebook, Jedox has partnered with Microsoft to outline how the Office of the CFO is evolving with digital transformation. This ebook specifically looks at common challenges and how Finance can move quickly to drive successful AI-enabled data and analytics strategies – and establish the Office of the CFO at the heart of the digital enterprise.

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Gain Insights about the next Generation Digital Finance

  • Three Major Challenges for Digital Finance

  • Key Technologies Enabling Digital Transformation

  • Journey Towards Digital Transformation

  • Streamlined Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Integrated Strategic, Financial and Operational Plans

  • Insights and Automation via Smart Algorithms

Download the free ebook and learn how the Office of the CFO can leverage AI, Predictive Analytics and Cloud Computing to become a trusted business partner and strategic advisor.