Analyst Report:

BARC Survey: The Future of Planning

Jedox in BARC The Planning Survey 2019

Tackling changing requirements with comprehensive modernization

What does corporate planning for the future look like? A lack of transparency, efficiency, and lead times of months for a budget cycle meant that events such as the global pandemic caught many organizations unprepared. The resulting uncertainties only added to the already complex task of financial planning and analysis. Modernizing planning and forecasting will ultimately be key to meeting the new and changing demands of increasingly dynamic markets.

This BARC survey takes a closer look at the role planning and forecasting will play in companies worldwide and how they are meeting current challenges and new requirements. In addition, it also includes “Action Items” that can be applied in your organization to align your planning and forecasting with current and future requirements.


  • Meeting the challenge of increased uncertainty
  • The increased importance of planning with events such as a pandemic

  • Modern software solutions for better integration and greater automation 

  • The increasing importance of simulations and scenario modeling  

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