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BARC Study: Sound Decisions in Dynamic Times

Jedox in BARC The Planning Survey 2019

Forecasts and Simulations Support Modern Corporate Management

In increasingly uncertain markets, being able to satisfy customer needs and ensuring business continuity in dynamic times is paramount and requires quick decisions and decisive action based on solid data. For organizations of all sizes and sectors, this means corporate planning and forecasting must be more efficient and have shorter cycles for well-founded decision-making. To deliver meaningful results faster in dynamic environments, agility, reliable data, and integrated planning are vital.

This study examines how companies around the world are adapting and improving their corporate planning to meet rising challenges in increasingly dynamic environments.

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  • Digitalization as a key driver in dynamic environments

  • Central instruments for corporate management

  • How to modernize decision support

  • Importance of scenarios and simulations

  • Role of modern technology

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