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AIssisted™ Planning and Performance Management

Aissisted Planning Performance Management Factsheet

Pre-built Jedox AIssisted™ Planning Applications

Are you ready for a new era where people and intelligent machines are working together towards a common goal? Meet Jedox AI, a premium cloud service for Jedox customers which integrates into Jedox Software. Learn how AIssisted™ Planning helps your planning process with predictive analytics, machine learning and data mining. The Jedox AI enables you with predictive forecasting to make smarter decisions. This engine delivers answers to many different types of business questions applying its core functions for predictive planning and analytics, AI and machine learning to Enterprise Performance Management. Drive quality and automation in forecasting, leverage new insights and recommendations for performance management, and use key drivers to simulate the future of your business.

And don’t worry about security: the data exchange between the Jedox AI cloud enginge and Jedox software is secured by best-of-breed technologies.

Take the next step into the future – with Jedox AIssisted™ Planning!

How AIssisted™ Planning works

How AIssisted™ Planning works

  • AIssisted™  Data Preparation

  • AIssisted™ Forecasting & Prediction

  • AIssisted™ Decision-Support

  • AIssisted™ Dynamic Planning

Profit from Artificial Intelligence with AIssisted™ Planning. Learn how to use the power of predictive analytics to make smarter decisions.