EyeOn is an innovative consultancy firm, specialized in designing and implementing business planning and control processes in large, multinational companies in order to improve their business performance. Our strategy is based on superior knowledge and experience in this field. ​
EyeOn is active in the Life Science, High Tech, FMCG , Marine & Offshore and Process industry and has a global customer footprint.

The consultants of EyeOn have high-level experience in designing and implementing innovative forecasting, planning and control models in complex situations. A further enhancement of the knowledge base is achieved by investing a substantial part of the turnover in research, training and the development of a benchmark database. ​
In order to be successful, large companies continuously have to combat increasing internal complexity. EyeOn helps its clients to control this complexity by designing, implementing and executing excellent planning processes as a discriminating factor for success. ​
EyeOn bundles, develops and shares top level knowledge about planning and forecasting, resulting in continuous efficiency for its clients.​

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