Session 2: Field Transform Groovy
Lesson 2 – Basic Understanding II – Regular Expression – Replacement Method

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What will you learn:

  • Using replaceall with a back reference

  • Using RegEx groups

  • Using Groovy and RegEx


Welcome to the Jedox Integrator course, an add-on course designed to cover the Professional and Expert-level curriculum (300 and 400-level courses) as outlined by the Jedox Academy. Here you will learn how to use Jedox for your company’s business intelligence and corporate performance management needs with guidance provided by the Head of Academy, Thomas Arampatzis, and Online Education Consultant, Sabrina Sebens.

In this video, we use Regular Expressions together with Groovy to make slight alterations to existing data, while including the term(s) you’ve searched for (a back reference). We demonstrate this by making city names from the database easier to recognize at an international level.

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    Jedox Integrator

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    06:01 min
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    Thomas Arampatzis
    Sabrina Sebens

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Get familiar with Jedox as a platform by watching our Platform Basics course, where you can learn how to create ad-hoc reports, customized reports, and set up data models among other things. Don’t forget that you can try out Jedox for yourself for free with a 14-day Cloud trial or for 30 days with a standard trial, and check out the Jedox Blog for some great practical examples and our user documentation resource at the Jedox Knowledge Base.

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