Session 1: Introduction
Lesson 1 – What is Jedox?

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What will you learn:

  • Components of Jedox

  • Jedox front ends

  • Jedox servers

  • Jedox vs. workbook chaos


Welcome to the Jedox Platform Basics course, an introductory course designed to cover the Specialist-level curriculum (200-level courses) outlined by the Jedox Academy plus some insights into Professional-level (300-level courses) use. Here you will learn how to use Jedox for your company’s business intelligence and corporate performance management needs with guidance provided by the Head of Academy, Thomas Arampatzis, and the Online Education Consultant, Sabrina Sebens.

This first session will introduce you to the concepts that drive the Jedox platform with a special focus on what Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is. You’ll learn OLAP terminology, such as what dimensions, elements, attributes, and cubes are, how Jedox’s multi-dimensional data storage differs from the data storage model you’re probably most familiar with – relational data storage, and show you how to use the Jedox Modeler to view your cubes, dimensions, elements, attributes, and translation information among others. In this first lesson, you’ll get an overview of Jedox’s components, such as the different front ends (Jedox Web, the Jedox Excel Add-In, and Jedox Mobile) and servers, what they are used for, and what Jedox can do for your business. You’re surely familiar with the chaos typical of having many worksheets for tracking massive amounts data in your company, and here you’ll see how Jedox can simplify that data, which naturally leads to speeding up processes. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your Excel experience with the Jedox Add-In or want the full immersion Jedox Web provides with its familiar feel and extended functionality, you’ll be prepared to take on the challenges new projects provide.

  • Course Type

    Jedox Platform Basics

  • Duration

    06:16 min
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  • Speaker

    Thomas Arampatzis
    Sabrina Sebens

Learn More

Get familiar with Jedox as a platform by watching our Platform Basics course, where you can learn how to create ad-hoc reports, customized reports, and set up data models among other things. Don’t forget that you can try out Jedox for yourself for free with a 14-day Cloud trial or for 30 days with a standard trial, and check out the Jedox Blog for some great practical examples and our user documentation resource at the Jedox Knowledge Base.

Jedox Online Courses

The Jedox Academy offers also online courses

Learn at your own pace using videos tailored to your level of Jedox expertise and interests, such as creating reports or using the Jedox Integrator for Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tasks, in addition to courses focused on the Jedox Models. The ever-growing selection of courses caters to your needs whether you already have in-depth knowledge of the software or are a beginner – the information you’re looking for is here. Try them out to see for yourself.

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