Healthcare group Vivantes is a critical healthcare services provider and the largest communal hospital group in Germany. Vivantes plays an important role in everyday life, with well over 200,000 patients annually. With almost 15,000 employees and annual revenue of over 1 billion EUR. Vivantes includes nine hospitals with more than 100 clinics and institutions and a total of 5,540 beds, 13 case facilities, retirement homes, and a vast array of other medical services.

Controlling had previously relied on SAP for group-wide reporting and monitoring patients from admission to discharge. Central reporting provided historical data, but Vivantes still needed a powerful planning system for KPIs to pinpoint risk early. Planning for 400 di fferent group divisions was done in Excel. Controlling sent out spreadsheets while operational planning would compile plan data and present the P&L statement to the supervisory board, then report in more detail based on board requirements. This was time-consuming and costly. “Data volume and complexity grew alongside Vivantes. With Excel alone, it was no longer possible to present meaningful insight to the board” explains Marion Seidenstücker, Head of Central Group Controlling.

Marion and her colleagues saw how the powerful and flexible Jedox could streamline their planning, and after reviewing the market, the Vivantes board chose Jedox. Jedox’s rapid agile implementation made Vivantes’ group-wide financial planning immediately easier. With reliable actuals, users now enter driver-based plans in
Jedox easily and independently. They understand the methodology and own their numbers. Marion: “The planning possibilities with Jedox are endless. We don‘t know how we ever managed without it!“


  • Planning with Excel was slow and error-prone
  • High data volumes overloaded the planning process
  • Lack of visibility and transparency of workflow
  • Highly manual to prepare planning
  • Slow data queries with obsolete and low-quality data


  • Web-based solution for group-wide enterprise planning
  • High-speed in-memory model with write-back
  • Automatic connection to existing SAP data
  • Consolidation, calculation and capture of heterogeneous data


  • Independent local planning through Controllers
  • Data precision in real time
  • Easy modeling of large data volumes
  • Transparent data input and calculation formulas
  • Secure granular permissions across all divisions, linked to existing IT systems
  • Fast roll-out that aligned departmental and corporate processes
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