Jedox is one of few software vendors worldwide to be highlighted in both the Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence report by Dresner

Germany, 17. August 2016: Jedox AG, leading vendor of self-service Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence (BI) software, announced that it is a leading vendor in the 2016 Wisdom of Crowds® BI Market Study. Jedox is ranked as an Overall Leader, outperforming 27 other vendors in several categories. The BI Market Study is Jedox’s third acknowledgement by Dresner Advisory Services in 2016, adding to Jedox’s record results in this year’s Enterprise Planning report, as well as receiving Dresner’s “2016 Industry Excellence Award“.

More than 1,500 users of Business Intelligence software participated in the Wisdom of Crowds® BI Market Study, giving insights into how organizations leverage and invest in BI and related technologies. Thanks to extraordinary customer recognition, Jedox was named “Overall Leader” and placed in the upper-right quadrant of the Customer Experience Model as well as the Vendor Credibility Model. “Jedox scored above the overall sample for virtually all measures and was best in class for value and overall product usability,” Howard Dresner explained, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. Moreover, Jedox received a perfect “Recommend” score from customer respondents.

After being recognized as top-leading vendor in Dresner’s Enterprise Planning survey, the BI report is now the second Wisdom of Crowds® market study in which Jedox was able to achieve outstanding results. Jedox is one of only six vendors to be included in both BI and Enterprise Planning flagship reports. “Jedox allows organizations to analyze historical data for meaningful insight, and to plan and forecast intelligently with one unified software solution. We are honored to excel in both the Enterprise Planning and BI survey by Dresner. The results not only confirm our ‘full cycle’ approach but also reinforce our commitment to give our customers a unified 360° view of their corporate performance” said Dr. Rolf Gegenmantel, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Jedox.

Adding to this success, Jedox was the only software vendor worldwide to receive two “Industry Excellence Awards – Overall Leaders“ presented by Dresner Advisory Services in July 2016. Overall leadership awards recognize vendors who demonstrate excellence across all categories of measurement: product and technology, sales and service, value, and confidence. “Our industry excellence awards are based solely on the input and rankings of the end user community people utilizing the technology and interacting with suppliers on a regular basis,” said Howard Dresner. “We recognize those organizations who are highly regarded by their customers and offer our congratulations to Jedox for winning leadership awards in both Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence.”

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