PostMail, a unit of Swiss Post, delivers 2.3 billion items of post a year to its customers, and is now using Jedox software to optimize its integrated mail sorting process.

Switzerland’s largest postal service and an independent institution with revenue of CHF8.6 billion in 2012, Swiss Post has logistics centers in three locations across the country, each of which has a new processing center with cutting-edge equipment. “Forecasting our delivery volume with state-of-the-art methodology using Jedox software will optimize the use of these valuable resources,” explains Anton Gut, Director of Analytics at PostMail’s Sorting Division.

Using Jedox software, PostMail will be able to analyze historic data stored in its data warehouse, as well as information on products and performance, as part of its delivery volume forecasting process. The forecasting will also incorporate other factors such as individual processes, corporate strategy, known projects and seasonal variations in post volume.

“We hope to forecast our delivery volume using a centralized and thus consistent process for all of Switzerland,” comments Gut. Based on a wide range of criteria, including product, format and location data, PostMail will able to estimate delivery volume in greater detail, including for individual days. In turn, this accuracy will support operational capacity planning.

In the past, PostMail had attempted a similar forecasting strategy using traditional Excel solutions. The new application, based on Jedox software, offers a number of advantages over the previous solution. Notably, Jedox software will enable PostMail to estimate delivery data in more detail, over longer periods and at a greater frequency. The forecasts used to be calculated only once a quarter, but now they can be carried out on a rolling basis. “We’re also envisaging a significantly lighter workload and greater transparency with this new forecasting method,” adds Gut.

Thanks to the introduction of Jedox software, regional sorting centers can also be actively involved in the forecasting process, helping to improve forecast quality. In addition, sorting machines will be able to better manage the processing of peak loads caused by abnormally large volumes of post, such as those witnessed in election years or when large corporate customers conduct one-time marketing campaigns. In short, Jedox business intelligence software will increase productivity and optimize personnel planning while lowering costs at PostMail.

PostMail chose Jedox because its departments will benefit from the software’s ease of use and scalability: decision makers are pleased with the potential to improve in-house integration, such as including additional key data sources for planning. “We are delighted that PostMail has chosen Jedox and that we’re contributing significantly towards the optimization of the business processes of one of Switzerland’s largest corporations,” comments Jedox CEO Kristian Raue.