SKF is a leading high-tech global provider to the engineering and manufacturing industries, generating sales of 7.5 billion EUR in 2013. Over 50,000 employees in over 165 production plants cater to wind plants, railway constructions, Formula 1 car manufacturers, aviation services and a wide range of other production centers in over 28 countries.

To streamline monthly reporting and ensure transparent financial planning, SKF began using Jedox for local reporting in Germany in 2007. New acquisitions and 13 new international production plants – from Japan and India to the USA – meant SKF’s global manufacturing reporting had rapidly growing requirements. Stephan Wetzelsberger, Senior Analyst at SKF explains: “KPIs weren’t unified, and it was extremely di fficult to compare the performance of different production plants, each site having built its own Excel reporting over the years. It would take management days to figure out where important data was hiding, and important business decisions couldn’t be made in a timely manner.“

With the proven success of the German branch, SKF chose Jedox for global KPI reporting. The reliability and ease of use was proven. For the SKF global deployment, other key reasons were the powerful web capability, the high speed in-memory analytics and performance, automatic native downstream system connectivity through an intuitive interface that provided Excel-like familiarity to ensure outstanding user acceptance.


  • Consolidated reporting from over 30 companies
  • Diverse, inconsistent and complex KPIs
  • Error-prone manual Excel reporting
  • Difficult to compare site performance
  • Lack of data transparency or confidence


  • Group-wide KPI reporting
  • Management cockpits & dashboards
  • Dynamically and securely available anywhere
  • Unified performance management capturing feedback and plans
  • Automated connection to downstream systems


  • Unified, timely, and trusted data for fact-based decision making
  • Standardizes KPIs into common language managing performance
  • Communicate and align strategy, monitoring and planning
  • Empowers users through highly flexible self-service reporting
  • Ultra-low administration: easy for IT, finance, and management
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