Shanks Group is a leading waste management company in Europe and North America, with over $800 million US in 2014. Shanks provides cost-effective sustainable technologies, manufacturing valuable products from waste. Shanks employs around 3,500 people, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling natural resources and limiting fossil fuel dependency.

Shanks have used Jedox to transform their corporate efficiency, optimizing budgeting, forecasting, reporting and planning. Alongside Jedox partner Celcus, Shanks implemented Jedox in under two weeks. Gianni Eggermont, Shanks’ Head of Finance Business Intelligence, points out why they chose Jedox and how Jedox quickly became their “Number One Tool”:

“At Shanks the choice for Jedox was clear. It was chosen because it is so intuitive without any loss of functionality: a recipe for very low implementation costs. It only took us two weeks to install Jedox and deliver the first set of reports, completely independently without any outside help. Since then, three members of the finance business intelligence team have had two-day Jedox training to optimize our self-sufficiency. This meant we could continue to build reports, dashboards and extract data from our ERP systems by ourselves.

Another important reason we chose Jedox is that our prior tool only offered Business Intelligence functionality. Besides reporting on actuals it is very important for Shanks to have a clear view of the future. By adding data entry fields we have designed our applications to allow people to share their expectations, forecasts and planning.

Six months after the implementation of the first BI reports, the finance team also fully supports performance management processes like budgeting, forecasting, quarterly reviews and 5-year planning. Jedox has become our number one tool.”