With sales over 30 billion EUR, Sanofi is a global healthcare leader. More than 110,000 employees in over 100 countries research, develop, and distribute medical solutions for patients.

After merging three national branches, Controlling’s data needed to consolidate KPIs, Revenue, HR and Cost Centre expenses. Senior Manager of Controlling Michael Bailey and his team had previously used Excel and Access to manage detail sales planning:

“The internal reorganization took us beyond Excel’s boundaries. Manual data reconciliation took a lot of time and the whole process could no longer handle complex planning.”

Sanofi implemented Jedox across Europe, and created detail planning models, modelling all of Sanofi’s complex planning calculations in Jedox. Thanks to Jedox’s speed and intuitive interface, Sanofi now has a 360° view of products and customers – find out more in our detailed customer success story.


  • Integrated planning and reporting to replace Excel
  • Automating detail sales, marketing, staff and cost-center planning through to P&L
  • Complexity: multi-country cross-departmental security restrictions
  • Seamless connectivity to heterogeneous upstream systems


  • Independent self-service plan entry over the web
  • Multi-dimensional unified data with real-time drivers and assumptions
  • Faster corporate forecast, budget, and long-range planning
  • Flexible self-service reporting with drill-down and drill-through
  • Seamless mobile access


  • Assured data consistency through automated data validation
  • Departmental users empowered to plan without external help
  • Automatic updates remove manual data reconciliation
  • 360° view of corporate actuals and plan data in one unified tool
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