Freiburg, Germany. January 16th 2017: Flexibility, fast deployments, scalability, and lower costs are the main drivers for global organizations to move their business processes and data into the cloud. According to a recent research study conducted by BARC, leading enterprise software industry analyst, and US-based research firm Eckerson Group, this shift of data gravity has resulted in a significant uptick of 50% in cloud Business Intelligence (BI) deployments. With two third of all surveyed organizations already running their BI tools in the cloud, the highest demand for future deployments however was found in cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management applications for advanced and predictive analytics, operational planning/forecasting, and strategic planning.

The just released research study “BI and Data Management in the Cloud: Issues and Trends” delivers insights into the status quo of cloud BI strategy and adoption, current and planned use cases, cloud architecture requirements, benefits of cloud adoption as well as top reasons for holding out. Analyst firms BARC and Eckerson Group identify a high commitment towards cloud initiatives: Only 6% of all companies surveyed are opposed to cloud computing in general; 63% see the cloud as highly or moderately strategic to their company’s BI and data management program. While most organizations have already moved their reporting and dashboarding (76%) and ad hoc analysis (57%) into a cloud environment, the highest demand can be seen in Enterprise Performance Management use cases: Advanced and predictive analytics (53% planned), operational planning/forecasting (44% planned), and strategic planning/simulation (44% planned) are top of the list when it comes to projected cloud deployments.

High demand in cloud EPM to support changing role of finance

Dr. Rolf Gegenmantel, CMO at Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence software vendor Jedox, sees the changing role of finance as a main driver for the increasing demand in EPM solutions: “The role of finance is rapidly evolving from a backward-looking accounting function – reporting and analyzing the past – to a forward-looking strategic advisor providing insight and direction for the business. Modern corporate performance management addresses these challenges with collaborative planning capabilities that integrate financial plans and operations. Moreover, diverse deployment options from private, public to hybrid cloud and subscription pricing models offer greater flexibility and scalability.”

Hybrid cloud deployments on the rise

The research study shows that the public cloud (46%) is the preferred deployment platform for cloud BI, while 24% of all companies surveyed choose to run their BI system in a private cloud. “However, we expect the percentage of hybrid BI cloud implementations to grow as more large and mid-size firms migrate operations to the cloud,” commented Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and principal analyst at BARC and co-author of the report, giving an outlook on cloud architecture trends.

“The research study shows that cloud strategies of organizations worldwide are still highly specific”, said Vladislav Maličević, VP Development & Support at Jedox. “To meet those unique business demands, Jedox offers flexible deployment options so companies can make the transition to the cloud at their own pace: Customers can move their entire application to the public cloud for fast implementation, easy maintenance and upgrades, providing high scalability. They can also choose to run select applications in the cloud or even keep their entire system on-premises – maintaining a future-proof solution at hand if they decide to make the transition to the cloud later.”

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