MBG International is a leading manufacturer and global partner of the food and beverages industry. With an annual turnover of almost USD $300 million, MBG’s brands are found in over 50 countries.

MBG needed a high-performance solution that kept Excel’s benefits whilst eliminating its drawbacks. They needed to report faster and more flexibly, to write-back plan, and consolidate data instantly. Jedox met all these requirements at a compelling price point. For Oliver Dammann, Sales Controlling, the choice was clear: “We evaluated BI providers and found Jedox to be the best solution in terms of look & feel, its modular structure and clear-cut user focus.”


  • Time-consuming and error-prone Excel planning and reporting
  • Manual data extraction from Lotus Notes
  • Difficult to consolidate and validate extensive customer data records
  • Hardware overload due to extreme Excel workbooks over 100 MB
  • Need to centralize and capture plan data for a unified view


  • Integrated planning & reporting solution for national sales management
  • Real time plan capture data through web browser
  • Web reporting and dashboards for sales and distribution actual and plan


  • Write-back for planning and data capture in real-time
  • Automatically extracts and combines data from multiple data sources
  • Excel PLUS approach is easy for users to create new plans and reports
  • Transparent data lineage, minimizing key-person risk
  • Streamlines processes requiring less time and less people
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