With revenues over 1 billion EUR , Stadtwerke Halle‘s 2,700 employees provide public services including public transport, waste disposal and
community services. Subsidiary EVH is one of the largest municipal suppliers of electricity, heat, and gas in Germany. EVH is in charge of all accounting and controlling tasks of the seven companies forming the Energy core business.

EVH’s daily challenge is to optimize Stadtwerk Halle’s growth. Energy and gas market reforms mean reducing cost in the face of an ever growing number of
competitors, forcing EVH to react flexibly to the energy market’s highly volatile prices. To optimize insight from market and customer data, EVH had invested in two separate applications for reporting, planning and forecasting. These were cumbersome, explains Jörg Stollberg, Head of Controlling/CFO.

“Separate data administration for the two applications drastically increased expenditure for data preparation. We had to transfer all data manually from
one system to another to enable budget–actual comparison, causing a perfect chaos of figures.“

Overcoming data chaos

EVH chose Jedox because it was unified and easy to use. Jedox unified planning, analysis, and reporting in a single solution and the Excel-like interface enabled a fast start for power users in Excel and the web. Stadtwerk Halle now benefits from powerful data analyses, reports, and transparent enterprise planning in one unified solution. The Jedox Integrator loads from all operational sources and combines data from ERP systems and energy-supplier utilities including Network, Thermal Power Station, Smart Metering and Street Lighting.

Jörg Stollberg: “It has been the right decision to switch over to Jedox for our planning and reporting. Controlling finally has enough time for creative data analysis that really pushes the enterprise ahead.”



  • Old slow BI system
  • Disjointed approach to reporting and planning
  • Manual and error-prone data integration
  • No data transparency or accessibility
  • Poor performance, frequent crashes


  • Unified solution for corporate reporting, analysis, and planning
  • Web-based local plan entry plan by power users
  • Dynamic reports and Dashboards in Jedox web
  • Automatic connection to upstream systems


  • Instant automatic data transfer from upstream systems to Jedox
  • Unified solution makes it easy to use and easy to manage
  • Local planning entry empowers divisions and frees up Finance’s time
  • Minimal admin with one FTE
  • Easy access control through single sign-on (SSO)
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