Melbourne and Sydney-based planning and reporting solution specialists OYB have been announced as Jedox’s newest Australian partner.

OYB’s core business focus is to support clients with their planning and reporting requirements. Their solutions help clients reduce the time and effort required to gather reliable and accurate business information. These solutions lead to better, more detailed and more insightful reports, giving clients a significantly improved understanding of their financial position at any given time.

Jedox’s products and solutions perfectly match OYB’s core business, by allowing businesses to analyse business data more effectively, and to plan and forecast intelligently.

“We see Jedox as a great fit for our business,” says OYB Director Jack Campbell. “Their products compliment our business. Many of our clients come to us using complex spreadsheets for their planning and reporting needs, a cumbersome process that increases time and effort, and leads to unreliable and inaccurate data. Jedox will help us support these clients by optimising Excel’s advantages and eliminating its drawbacks. Initially, they’ll appreciate the familiarity of Jedox, because it’s not too dissimilar to other software that they use, and will recognise the cost-effectiveness of the products. But most importantly, they’ll welcome the advanced planning and reporting that Jedox will allow them to perform, on any device no matter where they are in the world.

“We believe this new partnership will help OYB and Jedox to expand our customer bases throughout Australia,” Jack adds.

Jedox’s APAC Partner Manager John Christodoulou also welcomes the new relationship. “With Jedox’s industry-leading ability to simplify planning and analysis and OYB’s experience in customising solutions for clients, we’re in great shape to support the growing demand from modern organisations to know more about their financial position. It’s a win for Jedox, a win for OYB and a win for clients looking for the solutions we provide.”

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