Germany, 31.03.2016: This April, Jedox – the Enterprise Planning and BI company – begins its World Tour across 25 cities in 13 countries. At these major events, organizations will experience firsthand how to “Simplify Planning and Analysis” with Jedox 6. They will discover how to optimize planning and forecasting in Finance, Sales, HR, and Procurement, and make data analysis simpler to accelerate decision-making. These half-day events include keynote presentations, practical user demonstrations, as well as real-world stories and insights from Jedox planning experts on how advanced modeling enables organizations to adapt in real time and strengthen financial resilience.

Helping business users

Participants will discover how Jedox can help solve their most complex analysis and planning requirements in industry-leading timeframes using Jedox connectors to platforms like Tableau, Qlik, Salesforce, and SAP. Jedox empowers finance, management, and business users across departments who rely on spreadsheets every day. Business leaders can learn the steps required to accelerate planning, strengthen governance, and enhance collaboration across the organization. ​“The Jedox World Tour is for organizations and decision-makers who want to accelerate planning and forecasting. Nearly 90% of all businesses still plan with spreadsheets – Jedox can help. With practical user demonstrations and real-world examples from some of our 1,900 clients, we show organizations how Jedox quickly returns value to their investment,” says Jedox CEO Kay-Ingo Greve.

Practical workshops for business users, Management, and IT

Departments like sales and HR will see how to simplify forecasting from anywhere, using the tools they already know. Finance users can learn how to connect their spreadsheet models with Jedox so everyone can collaborate with the numbers. Management players gain instant insight from their tablets and smartphones with the Jedox Mobile app. IT will discover how the Jedox platform seamlessly fits into the corporate environment, both on-premises and in the cloud, and understand the steps to rapidly deploy Jedox with immediate ROI, scaled to suit global needs.

Authentic stories from the real world

Leaders from global organizations will share how they have used Jedox to dramatically simplify planning and analysis, revealing strategies, challenges, and surprising results to go from disconnected spreadsheets to enterprise collaboration. Participants will get answers from Jedox experts to solve their most complex planning challenges today and connect and experience networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Participation is free but seats are strictly limited. To register and learn more, visit

Jedox World Tour 2016 dates and locations include:

  • 12. April 2016 – Freiburg (Germany)
  • 13. April 2016 – Zürich (Switzerland)
  • 14. April 2016 – Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 19. April 2016 – Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • 20. April 2016 – Hamburg (Germany)
  • 21. April 2016 – Berlin (Germany)
  • 26. April 2016 – Munich (Germany)
  • 28. April 2016 – Vienna (Austria)
  • 05. May 2016 – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • 10. May 2016 – Paris (France)
  • 12. May 2016 – Litomysl (Czech Republic)
  • 12. May 2016 – Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • 12. May 2016 – Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 16. May 2016 – Prague (Czech Republic)
  • 17. May 2016 – New York (USA)
  • 19. May 2016 – San Francisco (USA)
  • 27. May 2016 – Berne (Switzerland)
  • 27. May 2016 – Singapore
  • 02. June2016 – Tokyo (Japan)
  • 06. June 2016 – Shanghai (China)
  • 08. June 2016 – Basel (Switzerland)
  • 09. June 2016 – Leipzig (Germany)
  • 26. June 2016 – Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • 30. June 2016 – London (United Kingdom)