Freiburg, Germany – December 2013. By leveraging the raw processing power of in-memory graphics cards, Jedox takes a unique approach to self-service business intelligence, analytics and performance management solutions. Now the trailblazing company has fine-tuned its use of in-memory technology. With the new Tesla K40 GPU accelerator, Jedox has significantly enhanced the options for processing large amounts of data, allowing users to benefit from lower costs while boosting the efficiency of their business intelligence environment.

Manufacturer NVIDIA describes its new graphics processor as “the world’s strongest performing accelerator, delivering extreme performance for a wide range of scientific, engineering, high-performance computing and business applications.” Jedox is now benefiting from this technology as well.

Prior to the adoption of the new accelerator, Jedox had been using Tesla K20 GPUs, giving its parallel in-memory data processing technology significant speed. The BI innovator was the first company to deploy graphics cards to accelerate calculations in everyday transactions by storing relevant data on the GPU’s ultra-fast memory (GPU in-memory). Jedox users also benefited from the scalability of this technology with the use of several GPUs, further increasing speed when processing large amounts of data.

More memory, more speed

“The Tesla K40 GPU accelerators substantially increase usable memory compared with the older K20 model: from 5GB to 12GB. This technology, combined with parallel processing for several cards, enables users to crunch much larger data models per GPU than before. With 2,880 instead of 2,496 CUDA cores per card, users benefit from that extra jump in speed,” explains Tobias Lauer, Head of Research at Jedox.

Jedox has extensively tested the new technology: analyzing Wikipedia data with GPU technology, the processing speed for complicated analyses shrunk from between ten and forty seconds to two seconds. Similarly, SAP uses the same data in its so-called Big Data application for its HANA database system. For technical details, go to the Jedox blog at

Jedox CEO Kristian Raue summarizes the benefits as follows: “More and more corporations are processing enormous amounts of data. Our GPU technology allows users to make calculations quickly and extremely accurately without having to invest in an expensive database. With our approach, all you need is Jedox software and commercially available graphics cards. It’s the most inexpensive way to go.”