Freiburg, December 12, 2018: Jedox, a provider of cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management Software, donates 3,000 Euro to the association for children suffering from cancer in Freiburg. CEO Florian Winterstein handed over the check to Claus Geppert, head of the office of the “parents’ house”. The donation is a combination of the commitment of Jedox employees and of the internationally operating company to do good beyond the actual core business of planning software.

“The team culture that our employees demonstrated during the appeal for donations at the Christmas party was impressive.  I am delighted that together we can support an international initiative in the city of our headquarters. This project is very important to us at Jedox because families have a common refuge in difficult times and parents and siblings are involved in the healing process,” explains Florian Winterstein. Claus Geppert, managing director of the association, was very happy about the generous donation and thanked Jedox during the official check handover. “My sincere gratitude goes to all the employees who came through for us, and to the management, who even doubled the amount. We are happy that Jedox motivated its employees and collected 3,000 Euros.”

The money donated will be invested in building the parents’ house right next to the new children’s clinic. The association is expanding its facilities with this newly planned development; where this commitment is aligned with Jedox’s growing business. In the near future, more than 30,000 overnight stays per year will be available for parents and siblings of children with cancer who are treated in the clinic with an international reputation with an addition of 100 beds to the building.

In addition to overnight accommodation, the extensive range of services offered by the association also includes social services with advice for parents and attention for siblings. Grants, such as those from Jedox, help to keep the parents’ house alive, because nobody has to pay. The association is fully financed by donations, including the great challenge of funding the new building, which is dependent on additional donations. Jedox wants to keep in touch in the future and inform itself about the construction progress of the new parental home.