Jedox AG, a leading vendor of Enterprise Planning software solutions, today announced a partnership with DATAMetrics, a specialist in Business Intelligence based in Christchurch, New Zealand. The new cooperation between both companies will provide corporations with obtaining the right information from the right people at the right time, making sure they are capitalising on business opportunities.

Client Relationship Manager, Tania Armstrong of DATAMetrics said partnering with Jedox provided the engine room to power processes: “Jedox’s platform enhances DATAMetrics solutions by improving businesses’ capability to plan for future success along with generating reports on past events,” Tania said. “When all users are working with the same information, the message becomes clearer and the direction more obvious.”

Tania said Jedox’s software suite simplified reporting in a familiar and cost-effective way: “It optimises Excel’s advantages while eliminating its cumbersome elements and enhancing collaboration.” She pointed out that organisations could empower employees with real-time data and accurate forecasting while reporting was no longer seen as a “back office” function but one available to all decision makers and pivotal to a company’s success.

“We believe this new partnership will help DATAMetrics and Jedox give their clients greater confidence in planning for the future, while enhancing reporting and analysis capability in all aspects of their organisations,” Tania said.

Jedox’s ANZ Channel Sales Manager Olivier Bastard welcomed the new relationship: “Tania and the DATAMetrics team are skilled at understanding not just the client need but the architectural needs that balance client aspirations with technology investment,” he said. “They bring collectively over 25+ years of expertise in delivering BI outcomes. The experts at DATAMetrics ensure success by engaging with their clients, working with their data and helping them shape that data into intelligence that is actionable”.

About DATAMetrics:

Established in 2015, DATAMetrics is comprised of a small number of highly experienced Business Intelligence (BI) consultants. Each consultant brings with them a wealth of experience from key sectors, both here and overseas. DATAMetrics came together, dissatisfied with the way agencies treated clients and frustrated with not being able to do what seemed like the right thing to do they got together and formed DATAMetrics.