Jedox business intelligence and performance management solutions are now available on Fujitsu vShape, a highly scalable data center architecture that combines all aspects of a virtual environment. Based on high performance server, storage and networking technology, users will always get the right compute and data capacity for current and future analytical tasks contributing to real-time self-service business intelligence. Customers worldwide are now enabled to plan, report and analyze their corporate big data with an enterprise-ready turnkey solution.

Jedox has validated its business intelligence software on top of the leading information technology vendor’s reference architecture for virtualization that integrates the expertise and technologies of leading server, storage and network architectures. This new cooperation brings together two leading companies that share a commitment to empowering customers through powerful, self-service technology.

Fujitsu vShape provides customers with a robust infrastructure that is optimized for virtualization. It consists of highly scalable components that are perfectly synchronized. The preconfigured modules allow for a particularly quick and low-risk implementation, and can also be enhanced with flexible upgrades.

Jedox’ self-service BI & PM software ideally matches this user-friendly approach: With Jedox’ web- and Excel-based BI and analytics solution based on the vShape technology, companies can benefit from a high-performance application that adapts itself to their individual requirements. Through the integration of Fujitsu’s market-leading, value-adding technology and Jedox’ innovative BI software, it was possible to develop a highly scalable and cost-efficient all-in-one solution which enables rapid implementation.

Jedox and Fujitsu have worked closely together at the “Fujitsu vShape Laboratory” in Paderborn, Germany, to ensure compatibility and optimized performance of both solutions. Thus, with Fujitsu vShape, Jedox is now able to provide a robust infrastructure for its business intelligence and performance management solution: “Jedox customers often ask about the necessary requirements for our BI-application. With vShape, businesses looking for an on-premise solution can now benefit from a reliable and scalable platform that matches the Jedox approach to self-service business intelligence”, comments Jedox Chief Technical Officer, Matthias Krämer.

“Fujitsu vShape enables Jedox customers to deploy a flexible IT infrastructure for business analytics accelerating time to production,” commented Frank Reichart, Senior Director Product Marketing Storage Solutions for International Business at Fujitsu.

PDF: Jedox and Fujitsu vShape – Factsheet