Head of Jedox Academy Thomas Arampatzis has been around the globe in the last month, empowering people bring to insight to their organisations with Jedox.

Jedox Academy has educated over 3,000 professionals over the last 3 years in over 40 countries. The Academy’s most recent circuit brought the power of Jedox to users in 14 cities in 10 countries. Over 1,000 new users became Jedox experts simply by applying their Excel skills to Jedox.

Alejandro Hurtado, director of Intrea Consulting, describes the Jedox Academy:

“What a fantastic week we shared with Jedox! The certification course was the most comprehensive and preparatory I’ve enjoyed in my career. Thomas demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge of and great training skills. The week-long course progressed very smoothly and dynamically. Congratulations to Jedox for such professionalism and such high levels of knowledge concerning Business Intelligence.”

Steffen Exeler, Jedox Reginal Director in Spain, spoke on Jedox’s rapid expansion:

“It’s really exciting. We’re growing at an unprecedented rate, people are really picking up on the intuitiveness and scalability of Jedox. It’s always fun to see somebody complete a complex reporting process with a few clicks, and then have it explained to them that they haven’t done anything wrong, it really is just that simple.”

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