The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will fund a ‘Production Intelligence’ research initiative. This industry-4.0 strategy will advance data-driven optimization on complex manufacturing processes. The innovation consortium will operate under the leadership of advanced analytics provider Jedox, and includes the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques, Carl Zeiss, automotive supplier Fischer IMF, and the sensor manufacturer Micronas.

The project will use performance enhancing software to enable real-time evaluation of high data volumes (Big Data) from manufacturing systems to automate decision making and evaluation in the manufacturing process. Planned to run for two and a half years, the project will demonstrate optimizations to manufacturers who are challenged by growing data volumes, and demand for 100% quality management.

Under the title ‘Production Intelligence’, Zeiss sensors will support inline error detection of Fischer IMF. This data will be processed by Fraunhofer’s control system as error vectors and Jedox’s powerful GPU-based data processing will analyze and classify. Jedox will instantly feed this back into the Fischer manufacturing system, and defective products will be immediately removed from the production line. Predictive analysis on the basis of historical data will enable preventative maintenance of Fischer systems.

“The Ministry‘s funding of Jedox’s advanced data analytics technology demonstrates the potential of Data Analytics in optimizing manufacturing processes. We look forward to heading up a team of leading innovators and using our considerable experience and knowledge to drive forward the development of inline measurement techniques”, commented Jedox CTO Matthias Krämer.

Dr. Daniel Carl of Fraunhofer IPM expects to gain insights above and beyond the project: “This Production Intelligence project allows us to test the interface between our measurement tools and Jedox. We will evaluate high data volumes and enable effective decision making for manufacturers in a short amount of time, and I envision deployment of Jedox in many Fraunhofer IPM Measurement Systems.”

The project is funded through the BMBF under the funding code 01IS15011 and will be supervised by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).©-Jedox-AG.jpg

Innovation consortium (from left to right): Dr. Torsten Sievers (Zeiss OIM); Norbert Saum (Fraunhofer IPM); Daniela Eberl (Fischer IMF); Matthias Krämer (Jedox)