DataVerse develops automated processes that combine and standardise data from disparate systems into one trustworthy source. Dataverse specialises in developing simple, integrated planning solutions where multiple spreadsheets are replaced by a structured database, which drives plans and forecasts. Data is stored in one location and individual templates communicate with the host, removing the inherent problems associated with linked spreadsheets.

Chartered Accountant and DataVerse Managing Director Robert Thew said partnering with Jedox provided the engine room to power processes: “Jedox’s products enhance DataVerse’s solutions by improving businesses’ capability to plan for future success along with generating reports on past events,” Thew said. “By extracting and standardising the data that is trapped in isolated systems, reporting becomes quicker, more accurate and more reliable. When all users are working with the same information, the message becomes clearer and the direction more obvious.”

Thew said Jedox’s products simplified reporting in a familiar and cost-effective way: “It optimises Excel’s advantages while eliminating its cumbersome elements and enhancing collaboration.” He said organisations were able to empower employees with real-time data and accurate forecasting while reporting was no longer seen as a “back office” function but one available to all decision makers and pivotal to a company’s success.

“We believe this new partnership will help DataVerse and Jedox give their clients greater confidence in planning for the future, while enhancing reporting and analysis capability in all aspects of their organisations” Thew said.

Jedox’s APAC Partner Manager John Christodoulou welcomed the new relationship: “Rob and the DataVerse team are skilled at understanding not just the client need but the architectural needs that balance client aspirations with technology investment,” he said. “Rob has already had a great impact with his growing Jedox client list because of his all-round data architecture knowledge.  I feel like our customers are in great hands with Rob and the DataVerse team.”

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