fortexx is a Munich-based IT management consultancy offering services in Germany, Turkey and the Middle East, and specializing in Cyber Security, Governance, and Risk and Compliance. Cyber-attacks are a massively growing threat for organizations worldwide. No matter which industry or company size, enterprises have to deal with an increasing number of serious cyber risks. Financial losses and – often even worse – reputational damages can harm businesses. Stakeholders are therefore looking for tools that support an effective management and reporting of their cyber security. In order to meet the growing demand for powerful IT Management software, fortexx developed “forCySec”, a standard solution for Cyber Security Management. IT professionals can manage and report all their security activities, such as penetration testing or setting up compliance rules, in one unified solution. After initially using Microsoft Excel as a software platform, fortexx opted for Jedox as the advanced foundation for “forCySec”.

Steffen Paul, Managing Director at fortexx, explains what motivated fortexx to choose Jedox: “Jedox is a lean and easy to adapt platform, allowing us to provide a standard solution which supports responsible managers to actively manage cyber security. Users can report the actual status and the development of their cyber security compliance levels at the push of a button.“

“With Jedox, we are able to broaden our service portfolio. In addition to our current consulting services, we can now offer our clients a standard solution with which they can create and optimize processes for cyber security management and simultaneously reduce reliability risks for managers”, adds Ümit Kuşdoğan, Managing Director at fortexx.

Jörg Rieth, Regional Senior Partner Manager DACH at Jedox AG, is looking forward to join forces with fortexx and reduce business risks for IT managers with professional cyber security solutions: The ongoing digital transformation creates new challenges for IT professionals on a daily basis, and professional tools are needed to act on this growing complexity. forCySec, a fortexx solution based on Jedox technology, optimizes process transparency and supports an effective risk evaluation. We are excited to welcome a global player such as fortexx, with their impressive client base, including enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Daimler and Cisco, to the Jedox partner network.”