Freiburg, 31.7.2015: The executive team of Trino Polo, an IT cluster initiative from Caxias do Sul (South of Brazil), visited Jedox today with the objective to discuss demands for enterprise software, share market intelligence and learn more about innovative industry 4.0 technologies. The four IT experts were particularly impressed by our Production Intelligence GPU project and will take their insights to more than 100 manufacturing businesses that they are counseling in Brazil.

The delegation has been touring Europe and visiting industry leaders, such as Fraunhofer or abas ERP. They chose Jedox as their conversation partner on matters of BI and planning software and we are looking forward to potential collaborations. The meeting has been supported by the Industry Initiative Baden-Württemberg (Connected e.v.),  one of the largest technology networks in Europe connecting more than 600 businesses and research institutions.

Forecasting the future of BI and Industry 4.0 together (from left to right): Carlos Tarrasón Collado (Trino Polo), Diana Kuch (Jedox PR), Thiarlei Macedo (Trino Polo), Kay-Ingo Greve (Jedox CEO), Jaderson T. Trindade (Trino Polo), Edison Maletz (Trino Polo), Andrea Schwab (bwcon südwest e.V.), Alexander Haberstroh (Jedox R&D)