In the BARC Planning Survey 15, Jedox wins first place in both the Development-Oriented Planning Tool and Performance Management Specialist categories. Jedox outshone its competitors in six other categories, including Performance, Flexibility and Price-to-performance ratio.

High Performance
Jedox secures first place for Performance in both planning and performance management groups. This superb evaluation reaffirms Jedox’s excellence in guaranteeing high performance business intelligence for large data and user volumes.

Flexibility and planning functionality
Jedox also takes first place in Flexibility and Planning functionality. Here, survey participants positively rate Jedox’s wide range of capabilities and absolute flexibility to create their specific planning solutions.

Top client satisfaction and price-to-performance
Jedox users rate the price to performance ratio as first-class, with ease-of-use and high implementation speed particularly compelling factors: faster product, better price. Performance, flexibility and an attractive licencing model score Jedox top results in Product Satisfaction and Price-to-Performance Ratio.

More wins in Tool Evaluation and Recommendation
Winning both the Recommendation and Tool Evaluation categories demonstrates how users are satisfied everyday in using Jedox to help their organisations work smarter. Users are so convinced by Jedox’s excellent business benefits, they recommend Jedox without hesitation.

The BARC Planning Survey 15 is a fantastic endorsement from real-world users everywhere: Jedox users are satisfied and recommend our platform as a top solution. They particularly praise the excellent performance, the broad functionality and the ease of use, thanks to the Excel-like familiarity. Companies recognise the high ongoing business benefits they deliver with Jedox” concluded Bernd Eisenblätter, CSO of Jedox.