Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (PM) users regard the BI Survey of the Business Application Research Center (BARC) as the world’s most es-teemed independent survey. In the most recent BI Survey 12, Jedox scores a clear victory in a key evalua-tion criterion, User Recommendation.

In the Performance Management peer group, Jedox AG ranks No. 1 in the User Recommendation category, leaving even well established IT vendors in the dust. As the study quotes, “Performing excellently in the competitiveness KPI and in User Recommendation, Jedox easily beats Infor, Oracle, and BOARD. Jedox’ powerful and flexible engine can support a broad range of PM scenarios, resulting in customers choosing its solution ahead of its main rivals.”

“This achievement is most meaningful because national and international Jedox Suite users were polled. The study is not based on the opinion of analysts. We’re especially pleased that 132 end customers and business partner users participated. That is a very high number,” commented Kristian Raue, CEO Jedox AG. For the third year running, the German software company has been able to motivate an ever-increasing number of clients to participate in the survey.

Jedox also scores very high in other categories—taking 1st place in the OLAP Analysis and Performance Management categories for the third time in a row. Plus, Jedox scores among the front-runners in areas of major importance to clients, such as Lowest Cost per Seat, Product Satisfaction, Vendor Support, Project Length, and Agility. As stated in the BI Survey, “customers are particularly happy with cost, and vendor and implementer support. Jedox Suite provides end users with high agility and Jedox projects are typically shorter than those of most of its competitors.”