AcQuum Consulting utilises best of breed IT applications to resolve business issues. AcQuum unlocks decision-making potential by providing insightful data-driven answers to your business questions.

AcQuum is a specialist in Office of the CFO solutions and whole of business reporting, providing insight into the daily operations of the organisation. Adding Jedox to its portfolio allows AcQuum to provide end to end solutions for its clients – from world class ledger based transaction systems, to data driven financial forecasts and detailed demand planning solutions, all brought to life with AcQuum’s visualisations.

We believe Jedox is a natural fit which complements our existing offerings” says AcQuum Managing Director Leon Bourke.

We have a long background in the budgeting & forecasting arena, helping finance teams to simplify seemingly complex business problems.

Our customers want to replace their evolved Excel planning and pricing models, they’ve outgrown them. Jedox is a logical next step as it’s a system that can be owned by the business, and offers workflow, governance and security that Excel simply cannot”.

In today’s competitive market, our clients expect planning and analysis to be simple, beautiful and easy. I can’t wait to see the AcQuum team use Jedox to do just that. The entire AcQuum team demonstrate the core values that are required to deliver critical insight consistently for their clients“, John Christodoulou, Partner Manager ANZ Jedox