The trauma centre of the Academic Medical Centre of Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) is responsible for the emergency intake of 20.000 patients a year of which 10.000 are trauma patients and has chosen Jedox to streamline their data analytics processes.

Patients may have a simple cut in their hand or multiple injuries as a result of a car accident. Providing adequate care for patients is made possible through the collaboration between various disciplines in the hospital. In addition to providing the best possible care, UMC Utrecht invests in scientific research and performance management.

The UMC Utrecht uses a Jedox solution for the collection and validation of all trauma patient data. Data can be entered manually and/or extracted automatically from various hospital source systems. Through workflow data, analysts and medical specialists can ensure a high data quality. All historic and new entries can be analysed within the same Jedox environment to support the ongoing scientific research effort. The solution has been successfully implemented by Dutch Jedox partner Celcus B.V., a specialized consultancy company helping businesses to design, build and maintain applications to meet the needs for intelligence and steering within an organization.