At PlanPro Insight we focus on guiding numbers into their rightful place to help clients solve their unique business problems based on understanding their numbers.

We enable numerical insights by providing affordable and right sized applications that delivers:

  • Parameter- driven planning and forecasting applications
  • Self-service reporting
  • Multi-user contributions to the planning process
  • Scenario analysis / “what if” modelling

Our staff have extensive experience in planning, forecasting and metrics reporting, with subject matter expertise from various backgrounds, including Finance, HR, Analytics and IT. We have provided solutions to organisations of all sizes in both the public and private sectors. We are passionate about the maximising the insights to be gained from available data sets through the optimised use of the scalable power of multi-dimensional in-memory OLAP technology in Jedox.

Partnering with Jedox offers an opportunity to provide organisations of all sizes with best of breed, affordable and rapidly deployable solutions, to maximise your investment in this space. Our commitment is to provide a solution that not only meet requirements but one that exceeds them in order to maximise your investment in this space

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