OTB Advisory

Backed by expert knowledge and a balanced people-centered approach, OTB leads sustainable change in your organization. We can help you achieve excellence in your accounting, finance and operations, and create cross-functional efficiencies. Whether responding to new regulation or transaction, or driving change yourself, OTB can help your company operate more effectively and unite to unleash its potential.

With decades of experience leading major projects at large organizations, and creating and implementing reliable innovative business solutions across functions and geographies, OTB provides services in four core areas:

• Finance transformation: We connect strategy with people, process and technology. Whether implementing third-party software platforms or building tools in-house, we can help you live in the future today.

• Internal controls and risk advisory: We help design and execute systems of internal controls and support internal audit groups to safeguard against risk, ensure accuracy and completeness of information, and maintain compliance with both Canadian and US regulatory requirements. OTB delivers a complete understanding of risk and helps create an environment that manages it. We use the latest knowledge and tools in data analytics and optimization to help you design effective methodologies.

• Post-merger integration: OTB helps leadership teams solve the biggest challenge