Omicron Information Systems Inc.

Omicron Information System Inc. is the Professional Services Provider you have been looking for. We offer highly professional and reliable services and stand at your service to meet your business needs. Our consultants will work with you to design and build the most appropriate solution for your business and needs.

Our professional consulting services are provided using different technology solutions in aligning, designing and implementing these solutions for business planning, budgeting and financial intelligence and analytics, technology innovation and creative solution delivery with focus on the Enterprise Performance Management.

Our experts in business, technology and industry use advanced technology to help you reduce cost and risk, achieve compliance, accelerate speed to market.

Our Services include but are not limited to :

* Consultation
* Financial reporting
* Financial consolidation
* Compliance and regulatory reporting
* Budgeting
* Planning & forecasting
* Risk management & analysis
* Driver based budgeting
* Profitability management
* Cash optimization and forecasting
* Solution Implementation
* Solution maintenance
* Training