GuangZhou SiE Consulting Co., Ltd

About SIE

Founded in 2005, GuangZhou SIE Consulting Co., Ltd. (SiE: 300687) is the earliest, largest and most experienced IT consulting firm in China. As a leading Enterprise Information Consulting firm, SiE has been coined the “Whampoa Miltary Academy” domestically in China. After more than a decade of operations and development, SiE is headquartered in Guangzhou; with branches and subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shunde, Wuhan and Jinan; with offices in Beijing and Chengdu with nearly 3,000 IT staff members with exorbitant IT consulting and implementation experiences.

With the implementation of ERP systems as our core business function, SiE has the ability to provide 360° enterprise information management solutions, as we have already done so for hundreds of Chinese enterprises and multi-national corporations, and will continue to do so. We have established profound solutions in the industries of home appliances, electronics, steel machinery, aviation, telecommunications, metal, automobile, and trade. We have more than a thousand well-known enterprises domestically and internationally; including brands like: Huawei, Midea, HNA, Panasonic, Sony, etc.

In the face of new development opportunities and goals, SiE will accumulate information service solutions suitable for the Chinese market in constant practice and pragmatically innovate to become a leader in enterprise information services in China.

Products and Services

As the leading provider of comprehensive enterprise management information solutions in China, SiE focuses on providing complete information solutions and services for the group and large and medium-sized customers in the manufacturing, retail and service industries. The company’s business scope covers enterprise information planning, process consulting to management software implementation development, from the local deployment to the implementation of cloud application development and delivery, from enterprise desktop applications to enterprise mobile phone applications, to provide full coverage of enterprise information system life cycle programs.

Basic software (CMS、SAIP), advanced application (Oracle E-business suite sales, consulting, implementation and training; BI, MES development, and implementation, independent development product (Business is easy))

Software Service 
Software development outsourcing, service outsourcing, implementation outsourcing, IT system training and maintenance service.

Industrial Solutions
Overall industrial consultation and solutions from information planning, software application to system integration for information and application of various major industries.

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