BI – Strategos

BI-Strategos is a group of professionals specialized in business and technology consulting, oriented to Jedox and SAP Business Intelligence solutions.
We offer packages of integrated services to provide complete solutions to our customer needs.

Technology Consultancy:
• Business Warehouse SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Business Objects & Jedox (ETL, OLAP, Reporting).
• Planning & Consolidation (SAP BPC, BPS, IP & Jedox).
Business Consultancy:
• Analysis and reengineering business processes.
• Design of commercial, logistical, operational, Strategic Planning and Financial Models.
Maintenance and Support:
• Maintenance contracts.
• Staffing consultancy.
• Staff training in different tools.

We attend customers in Mexico, Central and South America, thanks to the flexibility of our different ways of working either remotely, on-site or mixed.

Partner Locations