Integrated financial planning

Uniting internal and external accounting processes

The core purpose of Finance is to ensure the financial health of an organization. P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements are the foundation for this. Many of the standardized processes around these tasks can be automated and integrated with Jedox. This helps you reach your goals faster with unified, consistent data.

A solid foundation for corporate management

To bring internal and external accounting processes together for financial planning, Excel is often used. Spreadsheets serve as an intermediary between individual systems. Exporting data from specialized software solutions in different departments and subsidiaries as a spreadsheet, and then preparing and merging it is lengthy and tedious. Profit and loss and cash flow calculations occur regularly and external reporting requirements such as balance sheets also have to be fulfilled on a regular basis.

In accounting, controllers repeatedly deal with different logic, e.g., regarding charts of accounts. Which accounts need to be transferred from the source system exports for planning purposes? Which aggregation levels are used and how can they be compared with data from other source systems? This is usually extremely time-consuming and inefficient. There is a better way.

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Having worked with Excel, Jedox immediately feels comfortable. The first quick wins are easy to realize as the requirements were largely based on the Excel sheets we already had. It is great to see the quick return on investment.

Gerard ten Dam – Financial Manager

Pre-built solutions for faster results

Specialized tools now exist for internal and external accounting processes, but they frequently lack integration. Jedox offers an open platform architecture, combines data from source systems and provides ‘out of the box’ models for Finance. These provide pre-built and easily customizable logic to automatically prepare data. All data and information for P&L, cash flow or balance sheet calculations are linked and all effects of changes to key figures are directly visible. This allows a uniform view and a quick start to planning, instead of spending days on preparation.

Standard reporting can also be automated with Jedox. This frees up even more time in Finance that can be used for flexible analyses and additional calculations with automatically prepared data accessible at any time. Either directly in Excel, via the browser in Jedox Web, or with popular tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau and others.

Discover our prebuilt solution for integrated financial planning

Finance Suite: Integrated Financial Planning

A core solution to integrate financial planning, analytics and reporting. Automate planning, budgeting and forecasting and easily create financial statements like balance sheet, profit & loss, cash flow, and cost center reports.

A unified solution for all planning and analysis tasks in Finance

With Jedox, you combine P&L, balance sheet and cash flow in one tool. Keep an eye on all data, always up-to-date and consistent in one place.