Financial Budgeting & Forecasting

Accelerate planning, increase budget accuracy, and automate forecasting

Streamline your financial planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. With Jedox, endless manual processes that consume valuable time are a thing of the past. Shorten your planning cycles through automated data integration and validation and benefit from automated forecasts with a high accuracy.

More agility through automation in planning

When management demands a more agile planning approach from Finance, time-consuming Excel-based processes are not sufficient. Automation is key to being able to refocus on strategy and value creation. Additionally, timely reforecasting and rapid budget adjustments are hardly possible. Nevertheless, Excel is still the tool of choice when it comes to planning, budgeting and forecasting. So how can this dilemma be resolved?

Providers of specialized planning tools are often seen promising to replace or help you get rid of Excel. Planning cycles are accelerated by automatically integrating and validating data. Forecasts can be implemented more easily and therefore more often, and AI promises even greater accuracy. But do you have to give up Excel to achieve this?

The efficiency increase in planning alone is very impressive! What took several hours before we now achieve within seconds.

Richard S. – Head of Controlling
FCA Motor Village Germany GmbH

Giving wings to planning, budgeting and forecasting

Agile companies plan not just once a year, but multiple times. This provides more up-to-date plans and information on any necessary budget adjustments. To do this, they use modern solutions that provide the opportunity for better agility and resilience. Jedox starts with automated data integration and retrieval. Actuals and plan data from source systems, departments and branches are automatically queried via direct connection or workflow and integrated into a common database.

Planning cycles are thus accelerated enormously, and budgets can be reconciled quickly. Regular forecasts (e.g., rolling) can also be automated. This means that finance always has an up-to-date overview of the company’s performance vs plan. They can quickly identify deviations and react promptly. Easily work directly in Excel with the Add-In, via the web interface in browser, mobile, or wherever the data resides.

Discover our prebuilt solution for integrated financial planning

Finance Suite: Integrated Financial Planning

A core solution to integrate financial planning, analytics and reporting. Automate planning, budgeting and forecasting and easily create financial statements like balance sheet, profit & loss, cash flow, and cost center reports.

Faster and more accurate planning, budgeting and forecasting

With Jedox, automation and collaboration provide faster, more accurate planning, budgeting and forecasting across the organization.

Collecting and preparing data made easy

The first step in planning and budgeting is often the most tedious. Shorten it significantly with Jedox.