Cost allocation and profitability analysis

Allocate costs easily and calculate returns quickly

Cost allocation, apportionment, and profitability analysis are a part of everyday life in finance. The larger an organization, the more complex and time-consuming these tasks become. Instead of eternal manual calculations and formulas, Jedox offers ready-made financial logic for the automatic calculation of costs and profitability.

Detailed cost allocations for better profitability analysis

Allocating spent resources in terms of costs can be very time-consuming, particularly if a detailed allocation is to be made according to different allocation keys. A breakdown of all costs by products, product groups, regions and others must be done each time according to its own logic. These may also change as the organization grows.

However, to analyze the profitability of individual profit centers, the comprehensive and cause-related allocation of costs are a necessary first step. The more precise and detailed they are, the better statements can be made about the return on investment of the individual units and measures. However, a detailed analysis also requires more data. This often has to be exported manually, merged and then processed into the desired information using complex formulas and rules. This is where the potential for automation is hidden.

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Jedox provides us with sustainable support with prompt analysis and with valuable knowledge about future potentials and current vulnerabilities.

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Predefined logic models for faster results

Predefined allocation and conversion logics are provided ‘out of the box’ with Jedox. The models can be easily adapted to meet individual requirements. Break down different items accurately to bring more transparency to your P&L figures, allocate costs by profit center to create profit center accounts and communicate the results via standardized reporting quickly and easily.

Jedox creates a consistent, unified picture from the individual posting to the divisional profitability. Unite all data automatically processed in a uniform database. This allows you to quickly get started with calculations. Including allocation methods for costs to profit centers and cost objects, e.g., allocation by key, internal activity allocation and reciprocal methods with iterations.

Discover our prebuilt solution for profit center

Profit Center

An advanced solution for detailed profit and loss analysis by cost center. Easily integrate sales and cost center data and choose from several methods to allocate costs.

Quickly determine costs and returns with pre-built logic

Use Jedox pre-built financial logic models to quickly determine costs and returns for all levels of detail.

Faster insights

Get meaningful results quickly with Jedox pre-built models.