May, 2021

13May08:0012:30Jedox Basic Modelling Training (4,5h)10208:00 - 12:30 Eastern Time EST View in my timeOnline Event Organized By: Jedox Academy Event Type:Training,Training-Jedox AcademyLanguage:English

Event Details

Instructor led workshop requiring hands-on participation using the Jedox Tool in a 4,5h remote session

Jedox 102 Modelling

How can you create a simple model to help you with your daily data analysis tasks?
In this introductory course you will get a practical overview of the modeling capabilities of Jedox.
You will learn how to transform Excel data into a multidimensional model for analysis and planning.

Course Objectives

After this course students have a general understanding of the modelling capabilities of Jedox.
You learn basics of:

  • multidimensional modelling with dimensions and cubes using an Excel File as your data source
  • building a simple model by constructing dimensions and a cube from a source data file
  • how to extract data and load it to your model


To be most successful, students should have the following background:

  • knowledge of data management in table form (lists)
  • knowledge of standard Excel formulas: SUM() and how to edit formulas (formula wizard, formula bar)

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