Jedox Social Analytics Showcase

Big, bigger, Twitter: With over 500 million tweets a day, micro-blog platform Twitter is one of the most popular social data repositories for digital natives.


  • Top 100 Tweets by region

  • Tweets per day

  • Keyword localization

  • Picture search

  • Trendlines

  • Sentiment Analysis

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  • Real time GPU analytics
  • Full text search

  • 20 million entries per day

  • Geo based analytics

  • Language based analysis

  • Real time updates

Social Data for Decision Makers with Jedox Business Intelligence

Analyze data from Twitter in real-time with the Jedox Social Analytics App.

Use Jedox Social Analytics to go one step further and access advanced analysis features on social media data. How do Twitter users perceive your brand? Where on the globe do users Tweet most about your product? What are the Top 100 trending tags in your sales region? With Jedox Social Analytics you recognize important market trends in real-time. Jedox’s cost-free app has an intuitive user interface, allowing you to easily visualizes the Top 100 scorers, derive insight from historical data, or provide geographical analyses with numerous zoom functionality. With Jedox Social Analytics, see immediately where and when on the planet people are tweeting about your company or product.

Real-time Analysis of Social Media Data

Learn how In-GPU-memory databases can change your analysis of real-world Big Data sets such as social media entries, webpage hits or business data.

localized twitter stream

Localized Twitter stream

Social media provides more and more information due to the extensive use of mobile apps and increasing user numbers. Twitter generates over 500 million Tweets per day. With the power of Jedox’s high-performance graphic cards (GPUs), you can now analyze the Big Data that social media generates in real-time. Jedox feeds all localized Tweets – over 6 million per day – into a multi-dimensional OLAP server, extracting relevant information like geo coordinates, language, image urls, storing this, plus every word of every Tweet, enabling localized full-text search, Top 100 analysis or trending tag comparison. With the sentiment analysis you can mark tweets with positive meaning green and tweets with negative meaning red. You can click directly on this Tweets to see what twitter users have in mind about your product, an event or any other keyword.

Jedox OLAP Server

The Jedox OLAP Accelerator enables the Jedox Server to analyze, predict and visualize Big Data from social media without wasting hardware. Jedox’s multi-dimensional OLAP server structures data in cubes, dimensions and elements, allowing flexible and highly optimized access to all analysis data. Additionally, all data is stored In-GPU-Memory (VRAM) which results in high performance and access rates without the bottleneck of data transfer. Because of the adaptive data structure only base values are stored in the database. All aggregations and analysis steps are calculated on-the-fly by the massive multi-core power of modern GPUs. By analyzing millions of elements in parallel the OLAP Accelerator, combined with the memory saving OLAP architecture and high-speed In-Memory data access, allows real-time analytical queries also in massive Big Data scenarios.

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jedox gpu accelerator

Social Analytics Showcase

The Jedox Social Analytics Showcase displays localized Twitter data of several weeks in an intuitive, easily digestible format. The data is streamed in real-time to Jedox, storing over 6 million localized Tweets with about 20 million relevant words per day with geo information and full-text Tweet entries. Jedox Social Analytics provides analytical queries on this data like region based Top 100, full-text search, and keyword comparison visualized via Trendline Graphs and picture search. Jedox connects information from several weeks’ worth of social media, making results available in secondseven when hundreds of millions of Tweet entries are involved.

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The Jedox Social Analytics Showcase App is available for iOS, Android and Microsoft.

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