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80% of Companies Still Use Excel for Planning *

Excel is still the most widely used tool for planning, analytics and reporting. Users in all departments and industries revert to spreadsheets for quick calculations and ad-hoc reports because they are familiar and flexible.

But in doing so, they put your business at risk. spreadsheets bear many risks when it comes to security and access control. Sending spreadsheets by email to multiple contributors often leads to inconsistent results that cannot be reconciled let alone audited at a later time. Spreadsheets are also not designed to handle the ever-increasing amounts of data and analytics demands necessary for real-time, agile Enterprise Performance Management.

* ACCA Member Survey 2018

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Build on Your Excel Know-How but Remove the Risks from Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to manual data export and preparation, uncontrolled user access and large, inconsistent files. With Jedox Excel Add-in you build enterprise-class planning, analytics and reporting solutions directly in native Excel. It unites all your spreadsheets and models in one powerful multidimensional in-memory database with secured access, workflows and data integration from any number of source systems.

Safeguard the Competitive Advantage Locked in Your Excel Sheets

Over the years, you and your colleagues have built highly customized Excel models for business- critical analytics and reporting. These Excel models incorporate years of experience and contain highly specific know-how about your organization’s business processes. Take advantage of the flexibility of the Jedox software platform to easily safeguard these competitive advantages and transform your custom Excel models into a modern, enterprise-class solution. Jedox also offers advanced analytics and prediction. Get forecast data for planning and predictions for sales and customer journeys. In addition to Jedox on-board tools, integrate the opensource statistical software R in Jedox Excel-Add-in for a wide range of advanced analyses.

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Be Always in the Know with Jedox Web and Mobile

Jedox provides innovative web and mobile applications with full functionality for planning, analytics and reporting – anywhere, anytime. These apps have the familiar look and feel of Excel enriched with powerful visualization, dashboarding and reporting capabilities. Turn insights into action through agile Enterprise Performance Management on the web, tablet or smartphone.

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